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Yoga is defined by many as the practice of awareness.  Here at iRoy Sport we take that awareness to the next level supporting the theory that the body, heart and mind are all interwoven as part of the whole.  We work to strengthen where you are weak, lengthen where you are tight, and help you to let go of it all.

 With over 10 classes to choose from on our schedule and a variety of instructors, you can’t help but immerse yourself into our yoga classes and leave them feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. We offer early morning classes to start your day, or evening classes to end them.

Power Yoga: Also referred to as “Heated Yoga”, this style is an intense workout that will make you sweat.  Power Yoga classes move at a faster pace and are great for strength building. These classes incorporate a number of vinyasas that will definitely get you in shape! Leave them feeling energized!

 Vinyasa Yoga: These classes are all about fluidity.  They involve creative flowing sequences geared to open and strengthen the entire body. The poses are generally connected by a vinyasa (a mini Sun Salutation) that keep you moving. Unlike Ashtanga or Bikram where the same poses are repeated in every class, Vinyasa instructors usually mix things up giving you an element of surprise. Great for strengthening and improving flexibility. 

 Hatha Yoga: Often referred to as “Classic Yoga”, individuals use this ancient style to encourage a healthy mind-body connection and to get in shape. The main principle for Hatha Yoga leads to specific structured poses that help with body and mind “purification” through postures and energy control. Leave this class feeling strong, inside and out, and ready to accomplish anything life throws at you. 

 If you have never taken a yoga class before, please arrive a few minutes early and let our instructors know, we can guarantee you will soon become a “yogi”!!  Bring water and a towel (large towel for Power Yoga).  Mats are provided. 



Class Schedule:


      8:00 am Tuesdays: Power Yoga with Angie

      9:00 am Saturdays: Power Yoga with Angie


     7:00 pm Mondays: Hatha-Back to Basics w/Caroline

     6:30 pm Tuesdays: Vinyasa Flow with Yana

     6:00 pm Wednesdays: Power Yoga with Angie

     7:15 pm Thursdays: Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Janeen

      5:45 pm Fridays: Power Yoga with Angie

Please note that Power Yoga with Angie is in 85-95°F heat. Bring a big towel and water.