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Private Yoga Classes

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Private Yoga Classes

In addition to all the great classes iRoySport Provided to our Members, we also offer offer Private Yoga Classes.  Many of these classes are provided by Karen Smoger.  FB_IMG_1458074512226Each of these following class additions are designed for current members of Iroy Fitness

  1. Flexibility for athletes and weightlifters/bodybuilders that focuses primarily on flexibility, Range of motion, and overall joint stability. This class will also go over protective joint movements to work with chronic injuries. 60 min

  2. A class designed for beginner students and laying down the foundations of balance, flexibility, and strength building within a Hatha yoga practice. 45min These sessions are also available as an addition to an Iroy membership:

  3. Private yoga classes based on the goals and abilities of the individual student. These classes will review proper alignment before moving forward into the student’s desired path. 60 min

  4. Reiki Energy Touch Therapy is a gentle hands on therapy. It is a time to let the walls come down, open to the sensations of the body, and, most importantly, heal. 90 min “Yoga for Athletes” is a member included class “Foundations of Hatha Yoga” is a member included class