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37 Mistakes Runners Can’t Stop Making

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Yeah, we know better.  It doesn’t matter. In a perfect world, we’d train hard, race smart, recover well, and live a balanced, healthy life. In reality, we fall prey to the same errors over and over. Among them: http://www.runnersworld.com/injury-prevention/37-mistakes-runners-cant-stop-making/slide/1

How To Stop Feeling Like You Don’t Have Enough Time

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How frequently do the words “I don’t have time” pass your lips? Quite often, I’ll bet. But here’s some news for you: It’s a lie. We all have 24 hours in each day—you, me, Oprah. If you are alive, you…

Congratulations (again!) to our April Challengers!

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Sorry to those I missed!  Here is the current list:  

Congratulations April Challengers

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FIVE DAYS TO GO! Your Broad Street INSPIRATION for the day:

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Here are 90 solid minutes of great songs to keep you motivated during this month’s runs: Whether you’re training for a marathon, or just hitting the treadmill, good music can often make the difference between a rave run and a…

Broad Street Inspirational Quotes (for when your tank is empty)

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Write them on your hand, your arm, your shirt, whatever you need to help you keep going! http://fuelrunning.com/running/inspirational-running-quotes-for-when-your-tank-is-empty


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Thank you iRoy Members for donating your gently used sneakers.  We gathered 62 pairs to be sent to the More Foundation where they will be reused and recycled.  Pick up is scheduled for next week so if you have a…

8 Cold, Hard Truths About Exercise

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It’s Time for an Exercise in Tough Love Many of you have been trying to make exercise a habit. Some of you may have already succeeded in that goal. Either way, I’m proud of you for making fitness a part…

iRoy Schedule Weds-Friday

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12 Great High-Tech Headphones for Your Run

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Improvements in Bluetooth connectivity and battery technology yield big returns for listeners. http://www.runnersworld.com/headphones/12-great-high-tech-headphones-for-your-run?internal_recirc=hpblock1